Whats the difference between track and album gain in the fuze?

In the fuze there are two options in replay gain  such as song and album gain.What is the difference of these two options?



Google ‘replaygain track album’ and click the “I’m feeling lucky” button.  Read.

one keeps it same thru the song the other is for the whole album

From Wikipedia…

On playback, assuming the metadata method is used, listeners may decide if they want all tracks to sound equally loud (‘track gain’, formerly called ‘radio gain’) or if they want all albums to sound equally loud with different tracks having different loudness (‘album gain’, formerly called ‘audiophile gain’). In album-gain mode, when album-gain data is missing, players should use track-gain data instead.


So I guess you should use album gain where the performer/composer has planned significant changes in the dynamic range of the music and levelling this out would spoil the effect. An extreme example of this would be Tchaikovsky’s 1812 - gentle pastoral bits leading up to the cannons and bells!!

Album gain would compensate for the variations in recording level between different record companies or even between different discs from the same company - it will avoid having to twiddle the volume dial when changing album.

 Pity we can’t use it on tv - I hate the way the volume jumps up when the adverts come on.

I should also have said that track gain would best be used where you have downloaded individual songs from one of the on-line stores, or have ripped tracks from separate c.d.s

In that case there is no overall plan to create an effect by varying the volume, so equalising avoids you being deafened by the tracks recorded at higher levels without losing out on any intended arty effect.