What's the difference between "Extreme" and "Extreme plus" micro SD cards

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could you please tell me what is the difference between the “Sandisc microSDHC extreme plus” and “Sandisc microSDGC extreme”

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Please, you can see it here: http://www.sandisk.com/products/memory-cards/microsd/


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This does not help.

As an example:

64GB SanDisk Extreme - Read Speed: 160MB/s, Write Speed: 60MB/s, Video Speed: C10, V30, U3, A2, Form Factor: microSDXC

64GB SanDisk Extreme Plus - Read Spead: 170MB/s, Write Speed: 90MB/s, Video Speed: C10, U3, V30, Form Factor: microSDXC

The Extreme Plus is capable of slightly faster Read Speeds, and a third faster Write Speeds, than the Extreme.

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