what's the dealio with SansaDispatch.exe using over a half million handles?

I’s watching the Handles column for SansaDispatch.exe in Process Explorer with fascination as the number just kept incrementing up into the hundreds of thousands. GDI and USER handles are reasonable, something like 7 and 21.

SansaDispatch.exe is version, and I’m in Vista. 

So I really noticed the Handles increasing quickly while my files were backing up to an offsite service (Memopal), which has nothing to do with Sansa; I think it was incrementing with every file backed up–not just mp3 files. When my backup’s complete, Handles keeps going up, but much more slowly. I’m assuming that for some reason SansaDispatch is seeing every file handle in use in Vista, not just in Memopal where I noticed it first.

I’ve never seen another app do this. Looks kinda suspicious, eh?  I’m surprised there’s no mention of anything like this in this forum. I guess I’ll just keep watching and learning. Process Explorer crashed today when it was reporting over 640k handles in the status bar. I don’t know if the high handles had anything to do with the crash, but it made me wonder, and it made me come here looking for clues.

acmetech wrote:

I’m surprised there’s no mention of anything like this in this forum.


Probably because no one (or maybe only a few) knows what SansaDispatch.exe or handles are?

True dat, and maybe most people using ProcExp are smarter than me and have figured out what’s happening already. And/or SansaDispatch isn’t even running on most people’s systems? Ie, I haven’t even looked into why it’s running on my system, yet. (Did I just ask another question? No, not yet.)