What was lost with the .05P firmware?

As we all know, the .05 firmware turned the player into Auto-detect. It firstly connects the player in MTP mode, and should default to MSC mode if MTP mode does not work for whatever reason.

The drivers not being there for example.

Besides that one point, which I admitt is inconvenient for those of us that like to use our players on non-supported operating systems, which has anyone tested by the way? Maybe it still works in MSC, it didnt work on a Macbook I came across and would only charge the unit.

Anywho, besides losing the USB option, what else do we feel was a negative in this firmware. I’ve read a lot of people saying the lost functionality but nobody has been able to give me examples of this. If possible, keep it short and to the point, Im not trying to stir up a debate or anything like that. :slight_smile:

We can use MSC in MTP unsupported OS’s, but… the problem is: whatever you save in the device in MSC you can’t access from a computer running the MTP mode and vice-versa.
That was my problem.
Because at college I use Linux, so I use MSC.
When I get home I wouldn’t be able to acess the files I saved in my Sansa with my Windows pc because it would be running the MTP mode.
Got it?
So I would only be able to access my college files from the college pc’s @_@!
Being able to choose the mode, I’m able to see the files I saved in that mode. Any file I want…

Sorry for the bad english.

So this falls under using the device on Non-supported operating systems. This is a very small percentage of the market that is out there compared to the rest. So besides from this point, which I have already mentioned, what else?

and just some fyi…
You can access files put on the player in MSC while you are in MTP if you un-hide files and folders. Not the other way around though.

I saw some people were having trouble getting their PC to recognize their players at all. 

What I was concerned about (I never did update to .05) was how in the world we were going to get firmware updates in the future?  Sansa Updater only seems to trigger when you connect in MSC mode.  There is no way to trigger the program manually.  (try the shortcut and it tells you “Sansa Updater can only be launched by Sansa Service!” ) And it won’t trigger in Auto Detect.  I know this is true because I usually only connected in Auto Detect and only got the update to 01.01.00 by chance one week before the .05 version came out.

I think I recall some people with v2 models that only have Auto Detect were posting that they had difficulty with the Updater  (of the “please switch your device to MSC mode” variety) 

sansamonster’s post at the top of this forum about how to access MSC even with the .05 firmware should be very helpful, however.  I suppose that would also work for v2 people.

My Sansa Updater always showed up when in MTP Mode. I knew about the new firmware because I connected the player to my pc to syncronize it (I use MTP) and a windows about the new firmware popped up! @_@ Is your Sansa Updater up-to-date? Mine always show in the taskbar when I connect the player…In both modes. But I haven’t tried to update the player in MTP Mode, although the program gave me that option.

don’t know if my Updater is “up to date”.  Hmmm.  Mine never shows in the taskbar unless connected in MSC mode and there’s an Update out there from Sansa.  I tried connecting in MSC recently, but since I have firmware 01.01.00 (which is the latest now since the “rollback”, the Updater didn’t trigger.  Perhaps I should investigate this.  Check version number, etc.

well, I looked.  My version number of the Updater is the latest.  Don’t know what the problem is (if it is one).  If it seems to be, I’ll uninstall and re-download a fresh copy.

http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=c200&thread.id=620 Anyways they discovered a way to force the MSC mode in the .05 firmware.