What to get with Pentium G4560?

Hello! so right now im building a low budget PC on the brand new Pentium G4560 processor.
At the moment all i just need is actually a mobo and a RAM memory.
I need at lease some DDR4 16GB with 2400mhz and the best would be in a DUAL Channel and some cheap mobo with at least 1x M.2 onboard slot for the future improvement in overall performance(im also thinking on getting samsung 960evo m.2 sdd)

So initially as i was doing a research i found this things:
ASUS H110M-A/M.2
Both cheap and both with a decent M.2, ik ik it’s only 2x4 but the gain in overall system performance over the standard 2,5in SSD is just already insane:dizzy_face:

RAM i was thinking about this one
Goodram DDR4 PLAY 2x8GB 2400MHz RED CL15 1024x8 - GYR2400D464L15S16GDC

That is is, so please just let me know what do you think about the setup and what to choose out of the above or any other suggestions if you do have.

Thank you so much to everyone in advance!!

And hope everyone has a nice day!!


MSI is better than ASUS. 

If you can go a little higher on price: https://pcpartpicker.com/product/R4M323/msi-b150m-bazooka-plus-micro-atx-lga1151-motherboard-b150m-bazooka-plus this processor is even better.

But I dont think MSI has dual channel capability.

As for RAM I would go with Corsair: http://www.memory4less.com/corsair-gaming-memory-cmd16gx3m2a2400c10. I haven’t heard much about GoodRam