What processes/services write to my SSD?

It appears that my SSD is used unusually extensively. In one year, over 49,000 GB has been written to it and 124,000 GB has been read from it. Its lifetime has decreased about 10% in one year. I am using this Windows 10 home PC not very extensively.

I would like to know which program(s) is/are responsible for this. Using the SSD Dashboard I can see that the SSD is being written to, but I cannot see which programs are responsible for this. I do know that I am not running the known culprits Shadowplay, GameDVR of Spotify, but I don’t know what the cause is then.

Does anyone know of a tool that shows or logs which processes/services write to the SSD and how much data they write? Or of another way to find out why so much data is being written to the SSD?