What kind of tag?

I’ll keep this short, I know people are sick of answering tagging questions. What type of tag do the files need to have? I have a program called mp3trim that trims silence, auto normalizes files, etc and it can also add tags, but it adds id3v1 tags which did not work with the clip. Still says Unknown all over the place.

Been answered before; did you try a search with the search box above?  (Sorry, I don’t know offhand.)

I’ve got mp3tag and I tagged all of them using ID3v2.3. When I transfer them to the Clip I still get unknown on the top line, the artist - song name/unknown on the next line.

Is there something in the options I should be doing differently? in the mpeg tag options there are sections for read, write, and remove, but I’m looking for someone who can tell me what to do, and what kind of tag I need to use so that this thing will recognize it.

There are checkboxes for UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO-8859-1, but I don’t know what any of that means. I’ve been told to download mp3tag but nobody has been able to give me any further tips as to how I can get this to work.

If you can’t get mp3tag to work you can always do it yourself manually. In Win xp, just right click on each mp3, select properties, click the summary tab and then click advanced. From there you can edit whatever you want,  e.g. artists name, song title, album, genre, etc…

This works about the same way in Vista. You just right click on the mp3 and select properties and go to the details tab to adjust the mp3 info.

 I do this very often and my Clip recognizes everything I input this way every time.

“I’ve got mp3tag and I tagged all of them using ID3v2.3. When I transfer them to the Clip I still get unknown on the top line, the artist - song name/unknown on the next line.”

Are you sure you chose file, save tag after each change that you made? Try viewing the files in mp3Tag that are giving you unknown on the player and see what tags are there.

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First delete all other tags, and then save tags in ID3v2 To do it go to Settings in Mp3Tag then tags and check in Delete ID3v1, APE and in Save check ID3v2. It should help

Set the id3 v2.3 tags to ISO-8859-1 instead of UTF and they should work.

A big thanks to everyone who has offered help, but I still can’t for the life of me get this **bleep** thing to recognize these tags. I’ve used mp3tag, I changed it to ISO-8859-1, when I click on files it shows me the artist, title and album, went in and formatted the device. I don’t know what else to do. Maybe I can e-mail an mp3 to someone so they can see if I’ve been tagging them right…I don’t know but I’m starting to get pretty frustrated with it.

EDIT: Maybe it’s my USB mode…right now it’s set to auto-detect. Should it be on one of the others?

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When I’ve had this issue, I’ve simply gone into a tag editor like MPTag and just clicked “save” (or something similar)–that’s all that was needed to convert the tags to the correct format.

It seems to be working in the MSC mode, but not MTC or Auto Detect. I think the MSC mode is like the flash drive mode. Wierd.

Shouldn’t it be working in the MTC mode? The only thing I got to display correctly in the auto detect mode was a podcast i downloaded from ESPN. All of my tagged files displayed incorrectly.

EDIT: In both modes I was just dragging and dropping into the music folder, is that perhaps why it wasn’t working in the MTC mode?

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Do you have the required software for MTP mode?  Windows XP SP2 and above, plus WMP 10 or above (IIRC).

Personally, as I don’t use DRM files, I just set to MSC mode, for the greatest universality.  MSC mode simply shows your Clip as a separate drive; and it works, smoothly, on most modern computers, operating system regardless.

If MSC mode works for you (and you don’t use DRM files), why not simply use it?

I definitely do have the required software, but I don’t have any DRM files, as I primarily have mp3s from my collection and don’t use iTunes or Rhapsody…I will use the MSC mode, I wasn’t aware of exactly what it meant before. Strangely, that’s the only way that tags show up too.

MSC mode avoids so many issues, and is the way to go if you don’t have DRM files.  In essence, it’s a universal setting.

And, glad you’re up and running!

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