What is the capacity of the battery (how much mAh)?

What is the capacity of the battery (how much mAh)?

Is there really a trickle charge after the charge is complete?  (“No trickle-charge when full” : Do and don’t for Li-ion batteries, http://www.batteryuniversity.com/partone-21.htm)

I’m sure that people from sansa can answer this question so please answer me!

It’s really unusual for a device to not giving the specification of the battery.

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I’ve no problem with you asking, but what would be the purpose of specifying it given that it isn’t considered user replaceable and they don’t spec the current draw of the player?

That could possibly help me to prevent the battery lifetime to be excessively shortened.

I hope asking this question isn’t a problem for them since it’s a very basic and usual question for this kind af device.  It would be very strange if it’s a problem.

I can’t even know how much omhs the earbuds have… 

What’s the purpose of knowing these informations?  I would rather ask : what’s the problem with giving these basic informations??!!

Still waiting an answer from sansa…

Have a good day!

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Charging shuts off when the battery is full.

You might find info. at anythingbutipod.com, which also had posted pics of the Clip’s innards.

3.7Volt, 330mAh, approx. 24x36x3mm (battery pack only), 3 leads bare (no connector), control board attached, approx. 28x38x3mm (complete with board & insulating tape).