What is the best online site for legal music downloads?

I use pandora now but would like to also download and own some albums. Would itunes or Amazon be better and why?


I perfer Amazon but itunes is fine as well 

I am using iTunes as well, you can also try Spotify to stream music. 

I like Amazon

In fact, there is a lot of free music on the internet, if you find thosefree mp3 music download sites. For example, SoundClick, Audio Archive and Jamendo. you can just download them and fill your music library with beautiful songs.

The best online digital site for me is Spotify streaming music service, which allows users to free access to its whole music library. 

As for downloading legal music files from Spotify for offline listening, you can download and install Spotify Music Downloader on your computer and then you can open and use this software to download legally songs, playlists and albums from Spotify library and convert them to MP3 and other audio formats for better playback directly. 

Well Well Nice question, for listening music why to choose any site?? when you have android device in your pocket and an application downloaded from Android Apks Site Named As Spotify premium Apk then what to worry about?? Enjoy unlimited, uninterupted Music For FREE.

Thank In Advance. :slight_smile:

I believe you could try Spotify, Youtube or Amazon as well.