What is the best Media Manager for use with Sansa Fuze

Ive tried WMP11 and the Best Busy Rhapsody? Any opinions on which one is better and why?

i use WMP 11 for all my music managment and Rhapsody only for subscription music.

So far I’ve only been ripping my CD collection.  I bought Mediamonkey to manage this and to add albumn art and tags.

I use Rhaposdy, since I also have a Rhapsody To Go subscription.  Very nice service, and between Channels and the Library, keeps me rockin’. :smiley:

IMHO the best media manager is explorer.  =P

full control of folders, organization and if I want id3 tags, I just use winamp to edit them.

I personally believe the best is whichever one you enjoy most. A full featured manager would be useless to you if you can’t stand the UI or get lost in all it’s features. Other than that, I agree with thoma. Explorer is familiar to most people, easy to use, and already installed on all windows based computers. (Mac users can use Finder?)

Well, one of the benefits of Rhapsody is Dynamic Playlists.  You can define criteria, then set the playlist to auto-refresh every time you connect.  

Sample: Select 100 Songs of Rating >= 3 and Genre != Podcast and Genre != Audiobook

Also, Rhapsody syncs the Ratings of songs you have in your Library.  If you go through a lot of music, you can make great use of Ratings.  I keep a Dynamic Playlist of songs that need ratings…

Sample: Select 100 Songs of Rating = Not Rated and Genre != Podcast and Genre != Audiobook