What is the Audio Bitrate when recording in 640x480 MP4

I have been asking this to the technical support people but have been getting the same un-helpful response every time of ‘look in the instructions or the sandisk website’ and still have no answer. When I record in 640x480 (TV/PC setting) best setting on playback the sound is pretty terribly poor like a jangly sound, Ideally I would like the audio bitrate to be 128kbps 44,000hz but I reckon this device is recording the audio in something like 64kbps or something, does anyone know for certain please?

The internal encoded documentation for any of the V-Mate .mp4 files created regardless of the selected video quality describes the audio as “MPEG-4 AAC LC, 64kbps, 32000Hz”.  There is no provision that I can see for improving this within the V-Mate settings.