What is Sync?

I see several places that tell how to Sync  but no clear explanation of what it is?  Why would I need it?   I’ve not done this, obviously… and I notice nothing weird.   Can someone please explain this?

What does ‘sync’ mean?

Sync is short for synchronization. It means making the memory on your device exactly the same as what’s on your computer. One problem with this is, you have to leave all your music on the computer too, or when your plug in your player, WMP (or whatever program you use to sync) won’t find the same files on your computer as what’s on the player and will delete what is missing.

Plus, WMP usually tries to sync everything including the kitchen sink, so you have to play with the settings to avoid this. You may have photos, videos, etc. that you don’t want to transfer to the player.

I prefer to manually select what files I want on the player and just copy them over. It’s a lot more straight forward and you have complete control.

I have been manually selecting files to copy from PC to SanDisk.  So that is why I probably have seen no need to Sync.   And… been wondering why I need it.    Once again, thanks TapeWorm.