What is "product-capacity-packaging"? and what is the difference between "CN6MA" & "GN6MA"?

I’d like to know what the difference is between two 32 GB class 10 microSDHC cards. These are the following two cards:

SKU: SDSQUNC-032G- C N6MA (The Ultra Card)

SKU: SDSQUNC-032G- G N6MA (The Ultra Card)

I can’t really find any differences between these two cards. Are they the same?  How about warranty?

Btw:  What is What is “product-capacity-packaging”?


SDSQUNC = this is the product in this case Ultra Micro SD

032G = This is the capacity of the product which is 32GB

C N6MA  = This is what packaging is the product packaged in. What languages etc are on the package. IIRC C is Canadian package and G is Global.