what is difference between audiobook and podcast?

I have been searching and searching - can’t seem to figure out what is the difference between an audio book and a podcast?

Are they treated differently on the fuze?

At the PC end, the difference is probably only in how the subscription service runs.  Podcasts can get updated automatically and old versions erased automaticaly with itunes, mediamonkey, etc…  On the fuze, the audibook bookmarking features may work differently but I haven’t played with these.  the Fuze can play DRM .aa files from audible but your Fuze must be “authorized” bu Audible (something that happens when you connect the Fuze to your PC and are running the Audible download manager).  I’ve never heard of podcasts having DRM but that is neither here nor there.


thanks for the info

One of the few differences I have found is that M3U playlists can include podcast tracks but not audiobook.