What information is displayed on the screen when playing a track?

I have been trying to find out what information is displayed about a track when it is being played on the Sansa Clip (for the other half)?  Is it just the file name or does the clip read the ID3 tag to bring up artist name as well?

What file formats will this player accept?  is it the usual WMA and MP3 or are their any others it will play?

Is this a decent player to get to ‘upgrade or side shift’ from a creative zen nano plus 1gig?  I am looking to get the missus the 2 gig clip

Thanks in advance of your responses?

The Clip displays the band name on one line, and the song name and album name (separated by a slash) on the next line.  These all come from ID3 tags.  As a matter of fact, if an ID3 tag is blank, the Clip won’t add it to its database.

The Clip plays MP3, WMA, secure WMA (subscription, or DRM) and Audible files.

I don’t know enough about the Creative Zen Nano to answer your last question.