I am an audiobook fan and love the Sansa e280 progressive fast forward feature. I.e. you press <<ff>> button and the deivice forwards at an increasing speed as it gets further into the track. This feature is remarkably handy for people who listen to audiobooks, as some of the tracks are several hours long.

Now, just bought a replacement e280 for the one my kids broke and, although the new one looks the same, the progressive fast forward feature IS GONE !!! Can someone help me with two questions, PLEASE, please,… pleeeeese…

  1. Which brainless dingbat at Sansa marketing decided to eliminate the progressive fast forward feature???

(I would love to send him/her a personal “thank you” e-mail)

  1. Is there a way to resore it? (I already updated the firmware, so that’s not the answer?)

This feature is very important to audiobook fans. Holding the fast forward button for 20 minutes to get to the spot where you left off is cruel and unusual punishment.  PLEASE HELP !!! 

I think I figured out a bit of a problem.

My current e289 does NOT have a v2 in the back right lower corner. This means that it is v1, right?

If so, the seller (one of amazon.com vendors) turfed me an older version than the one I purchased a year ago.

Still, is there anyway to get a progressive “fast forward” feature? 

PLEASE, PLEASE help … or I’m going to go into physiological withdrawal without my audiobooks.


Thank you in advance for any helpful response.


Accidentally pressed on the “PROBLEM SOLVED” button.

This problem is NOT solved.

Please help.

(See… I’m withdrawing already… my hands are shaking… I"m ressing wrong buttons)


It’s a little more complicated to learn but has a bazillion times more features.

Including Good ‘bookmarking’ and progressive fast-forward.

You install it on the player and can STILL use the familiar Sansa software, but Rockbox is so much better you’d be amazed.