what format does SMC convert to? also what size?

what format does SMC convert to?

also what size?

specificly for e260 v2

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I just did a ‘‘convert’’ . Don’t ask me why it worked on that PC - it’s still a mistery to me.

Here’s the file info from the output file of the converter. Converter needs to be plugged in and with MTB USB mode to allow the conversion.

AVI 224 X 176

128kbps MP3 audio

20 frame/second
101kbps  data rate
32 bits
XVID (codec)

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what about pics?

.bmp, 220x176pixels.

I rotate some of mine and/or crop them then put them through the converter.

But you could save them to the right size/format yourself with any graphics/photo editor.

i belive it is 176x220

protrait orentation

That sounds right-

OH and I hate MTP mode.

I use media converter in MSC mode- when it’s done I copy the movies to my computer so if I want to delete them from the Sansa I can just copy them instead of having to convert them again…