what does this mean? "please obtain license by transferring this title using..."

Audiobooks transferred from Overdrive Console won’t play past part 2. Message is: “please obtain license by transferring this title using…” Sentence is unfinished. I successfully upgraded  Windows Media Player security license. BUT Media Usage Rights Acquisition dialog box did not display. A voice confirmed the successful completion of the security upgrade. What can I do? Thanks for any suggestions.

I have same problem.  Deleted the folder with the book wma files and the .lic file and re-transferred the book again - still get that message.

That error msg appears if the license of the book had expired already or the books were transferred under MSC mode. I suggest to delete the books (much better if you format the player) then make sure the player is set to MTP mode and just reload the books using Overdrive.

Under Overdrive console it should say on the left side of the book when it will expire.

Thank you for responding. I have these remains of books that I tried to delete from the sansa clip+ player rather than through  my computer. Now how do I get rid of those??? They do not show up when I open the clip from the computer. Very annoying when I go to Audiobooks and see s4-5 titles that are only bits and pieces with that annoying message "please obtain license by transferring… What a mess. Any suggestions? Thanks, Linda

They might have been transferred to the player under a different mode that’s why they are not showing. I would suggest to just start from a clean slate by formatting it. After formatting, switch the Sansa to MTP mode then try to load your books.

I can’t delete the expired books, usually parts 1,2,3, from the player. That’s the problem.