What does a "system reset" actually do?

Hi all, I gather holding down the power button for about 15 seconds or so results in a “system reset” – my Clip+ died today, and a system reset brought it back to life.

But after the reset, I can see that I still have all my tracks (on both internal and external memory), and the date was still correct.

Anybody happen to know what a system reset actually does? 

It resets the system. :stuck_out_tongue:

It does not format the device. That’s why all your songs are still there. :smiley:

Its just like when you hard reset your computer. Nothing actually changes, but it shuts the player down completely and reboots it as if it were brand new except nothing actually changes. I kind of look at it like when you are recording a video or something, if you mess up you stop rewind and start again, when your player freezes or freaks out some how and you reset it you’re just starting the player over. Why it does what it does with bringing things back to life I dont know but as long as it works does it matter.