What do you use to store your microSD cards in?

The microSD cards are so small, I think my wife will need a case to store them in to avoid losing them as her library grows.  The case needs to be portable so she can take it into the car and put it in her purse.  What are you using to store your microSD cards in?


You could just buy something like this:


You’d want to buy some of those plastic cases to actually hold the card, and then store those in this little carrying pouch so you don’t lose them. 

they have a few microSD card wallet/holders on sandisks page


I keep mine in their small plastic case.  They fit nicely in a zippered makeup bag (or a makeupbag that I use to store my computer stuff in).  I’ve numbered mine with a blank label and then have a master list of what’s on them (not every song, but just the general idea).

drlucky said:

they have a few microSD card wallet/holders on sandisks page

That credit card sized microSD card holder looks perfect.  It even has space for labels for what each card contains.


Thanks!  And thanks to Corilof and Dalaug234 too for their input.


I keep mine in a Fuze :wink: