What do you think of this apad android 2.2 with 10.2 inch screen?

I was eager to have a ipad for a long time, but i really can’t afford it, Recently i saw a 10.2 inch apad with Google Android 2.2 OS, actually i was a big fan of Google’s Android OS, i think it will become more stronger than the IOS in the future,the most important thing is that the google android are free for every users, so, it’s warm welcomed by many users since the 1.5 OS’s release. And now, with the 2.2 OS;s release, it must be more competitive! So i 'd like to buy a apad android with 2.2 OS, just for it’s cheap price, and the Google Android OS.

I was saw a Wholesale China Electronics store online, and found a 10.2 inch apad with android 2.2 OS,ZT-180 Processor 512M ROM 3G and WIFI. it’s really attractive for me. the price is $226, i have seem someone said that the price of this apad is between $220-$260,so it seems that this apad have had a reasonable price,what do you think of? i need some suggestions.

Why the duplicate post? This is essentially the same thing you posted over 2 weeks ago. There were replies and you responded, saying you bought one.

So what’s the purpose of this one?

It’s starting to look like …


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So what’s the purpose of this one?