What do you have?

Well mine’s pretty simple:

4GB Sansa Fuze (Black)
Portable Speaker: black.
Crappy Earphones…  I have the worst luck with earphones…  Either the black things(I can’t think of the word right now) falls off the ear phones, keep falling out of my ears, or they accidently end up on the floor and gets stepped on at night and I use to have ear clips(Which I liked more than those cheap earphones) but I let my cousin borrow them and he claims he lost them.

Use to have a Sansa Clip 2GB but let my friend have it since I have my Fuze and he always listens to the clip everytime I see him.

I’m running with a silver 8GB Fuze and a 16GB microSD card.I’m using basic Sony buds,i always seem to have good luck and great reliability                   with them.I bought a pair of Skullcandy phones and i could not get with them at all.I ended up giving them away… 

4gb blue Fuze with an 8gb Sandisk microSDHC.