What do you have?

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Hey Hulk… Can you post a link for those headphones. I am looking for something new to wear when I run (My SkullCandys arnt comfortable)

Sure thing, Conversion Box:




They also have them in white, blue, and black.  Great sound, noise isolation, and very comfortable to wear for long amounts of time.

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4GB black Fuze with 2GB PNY micro SD card

SkullCandy black earphones

Black silicone case and slip cover

as you can tell i like black

8gb Fuze with an 8gb Sandisk SDHC.

Crystal case.

4gb Clip for the gym.

Shure 3… series something headphones

SkullCandy Inkd (red)

Stlll trying to figure out the playlist thing.

Far better and smaller than my 30gb Zune.

Just bought last night…8gb silver (woulda preferred black but Best Buy only had the silver),  ‘phones are not buds but the old-style Walkman type foam-covered, cheapies but they sound pretty decent with the Fuze, so good in fact that I haven’t yet tried my Radio Shack full-size stereo headphones with in-line volume control.  I moved up from a 2 gb Clip and this Fuze has even better sound - I’m really lovin’ it!    

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2 gig Black Fuze with:

2 gig SD

Black Silicone cover w/ belt clip and Armstrap

Invisible Screen Screen Cover

And any one of 3 headphones SkullCandy Ink’d, SkullCandy Full Metal Jacket, Shure SE530

4 gig clip Black with:

SkullCandy Full Metal Jacket

Slot Music (The Dont Quit): Hooked to my 7.1 surround sound home sterio

16 gig View (Still in the box)

4gig Connect with:

2gig SD

JVC Gummy In ear monitors

(Soon to be Retired)

May I ask, I have been seeing skull candys alot, and are they well worth the cost, since they are liek 15$. I have iLuv earphones, the white apple earphones, Dala Store earphones @.@, Koby C2-180 headphones. I might buy a skull candy if it is that good~

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@may I ask, I have been seeing skull candys alot, and are they well worth the cost, since they are liek 15$. I have iLuv earphones, the white apple earphones, Dala Store earphones @.@, Koby C2-180 headphones. I might buy a skull candy if it is that good~

I love SkullCandy products as a whole! Go A head call me a fanboy see if I care. :wink: When I play a show with my band if it is in a bar or club I use Skullcandys for my in-ear monitors (I am a drummer so I cant hear the stage monitors). When we play large venues (Festivals, Fairs, theaters) I use the shures (But they are like $300). The thing about SkullCandy is that their headphones are In ear monitor style, so they actually close off the ear canal this can cause some discomfort for some people (Not to mention accelleration in Ear Wax production :cry: ) Also they are not so hot if you like to hear people around you. Me on the other hand, I wouldnt trade them for any headphones in the world. And oh BTW if SkullCandy made a completely sound eliminating IEM, I would replace my Shures in a heart beat.

Fuze   8gb black   philips 2630 earphones stock sansa earphones

you can get a new 8gb fuze on amazon for about 90 new

8GB Fuze + 8GB card stuffed to the gills, Sennheiser PX-100 headphones to enjoy it all. That is all.

4 GB (Red), no external memory (not until I fill this up first), JVC Marshmallow Headphones (Red, bought off amazon earlier this week, expected delivery is early next week), No case yet (I want a flip leather case, but those aren’t very common, until then I just keep it in the leather pouch it comes with and I haven’t got a single scratch on it).

Silver 8gb Fuze w/16gb Sandisk Micro SDHC card and AKG 27i headphones. Music 

I have a screen protector and I have a “clear” silicone skin with armband and belt clip.DJ

Everything else is right down at the bottom in my sig.

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  • 4gb Fuze, Pink
  • Silicon cover (suppose to be clear but more off white) with belt clip and arm band (use the belt clip almost daily)
  • RCA earbuds (cheapo $5 ones because they have the long cord I need, but they work good enough for me)
  • Cheapo $15 speakers from walmart (they do work pretty good).  they’re called “fashion speakers”, mine are pink to match my Fuze.
  • Pillow speaker (little round speaker in the middle [can be found at radio shack called a pillow speaker, use to have one] this is around a fury pillow, so it’s a nice little accent pillow.  Pink (just happned to match my fuze).  bought before my Fuze but can be used with it.
  • Griffin docking station that I have plugged into my wall adaptor so I can charge it or listen to it on this with speakers.
  • Car charger.
  • Cassette adaptor to listen to my Fuze in the car
  • Micro memory cards (yes lots of them for movies) and a zipper case to keep them in when not in use
  • Zipper case to carry my Fuze, earbuds (2 just in case I misplace or leave one somewhere else), extra cards, extra usb cable, copy of list of what’s on the cards (and my cell phone ear piece).
  • 3 usb cables (currently only using 2, but I got a real good deal on amazon so I bought 2)
  • Screen protector
  • cell phone holder to hold my cell phone in one place in my car (edited and added this because I forgot–I like the idea below of the griffin docking station for the vehicle).

Someone might actually think I like the Fuze…

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which skull candys do you have conversion?

Daluag234: You must love your Fuze very much. =) I need near earphones that are under 20$ at max[yes I’m sorta cheap<3] anyway, I broke my earphones and i might get skullcandys.

I guess you’d have to call me a confused Sansa boy… I have the following:

Red 4GB Fuze, 4GB Sandisk uSD & Red JVC Gumy headphones - 9 yo Son

Pink 4GB Fuze, 4GB Sandisk uSD & Pink JVC Gumy headphones - 8 yo Daughter

Silver 8GB Fuze, 8GB Sandisk uSD & Blue Koss KEB/24 headphones - Wife

Black 16GB View, 8GB Lexar uSD & Sony MDR-EX90SL headphones - Myself

None of us have any extra accessories at this point.  I may turn one of the Sansa USB cables into a video out cable for the View though :smiley:
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8GB e280v1

8GB Fuzev1 8GB Sandisk µSD

Altec Lansing iM413 speaker dock to carry around the house

Sandisk Sansa Base Station on computer

Griffin Dock for work vehicle

Nike Flow Sports earphones

Invisible Shield by ZAGG.com for both

Sansa travel kit w/ AC & car USB adapter iMetal isolation earphones

Maximo FM xmtr & charger

Sandisk e280 leather case

Action Jacket neoprene case for Fuze

Lots of audiobooks…love to listen while I work & drive.

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Well mine’s pretty simple:

4GB Sansa Fuze (Black)
Portable Speaker: black.
Crappy Earphones…  I have the worst luck with earphones…  Either the black things(I can’t think of the word right now) falls off the ear phones, keep falling out of my ears, or they accidently end up on the floor and gets stepped on at night and I use to have ear clips(Which I liked more than those cheap earphones) but I let my cousin borrow them and he claims he lost them.

Use to have a Sansa Clip 2GB but let my friend have it since I have my Fuze and he always listens to the clip everytime I see him.

I’m running with a silver 8GB Fuze and a 16GB microSD card.I’m using basic Sony buds,i always seem to have good luck and great reliability                   with them.I bought a pair of Skullcandy phones and i could not get with them at all.I ended up giving them away… 

4gb blue Fuze with an 8gb Sandisk microSDHC.