What do I do???

I bought my daughter a Fuze for Christmas and up until now it’s been working great and she loves it.  First we got the message about music DB, remove 90mb, now I’m gettng the message FAT is corrupted, please connect to PC and recover FAT, I have tried everything so far that I could find on the forum, to no avail, wont let me reformat, wont let me get into the player at all , and the computer knows its there, but cant sync it to anything, wmp or rhapsody. Please tell me what to do, I really dont want to have to take this thing back, its 30 miles away at the closest. Thank you!!!

OK lets try to format in MSC mode.

unplug the device and turn it off. slide the lock switch to the hold position

press and hold the REW button and connect the device to the computer. Find the Fuzes drive letter, right click it and format it.

unplug the device and then reformat it using the devices Seetings>System Settings>Format command.

Let us know if it works.

Nope, says windows is unable to format the device, now what

Try opening a DOS window, go to Start>Run>CMD

find the drive letter assigned to the device.

format [driveletter:] /fs:FAT32 /a:32K

Dos window opens, tells me to connect disk and press enter when ready, when I press enter, it disappears and nothing happens

It seems you have perhaps multiple problems, I would suggest calling tech support. It might need to be returned unfortunately.

dang ok thank you for trying

I only read your title but I know this thread has information you need.

Hazza, I know you are trying to be helpful, but in this case I dont think you are.