What codec is needed for SMC to convert mp4 video files?

I downloaded and installed ffdshow_2131 and it did nothing.  SMC would not convert, and WMP 11 would not play, mp4 files.  After loading ffdshow should I have rebooted?  It did not tell me to.

So, what codecs do I need?  And, a link to it would be appreciated.  There are so many out there and there are so many cautions about downloading this stuff that it’s hard to know.

Winamp will play the audio from mp4 files but not the video.

I have nothing on my computer that will play mp4 or flv files.

I’m using CCCP or Combined Community Codec Pack. Try to google search CCCP.

Check out this thread on mp4 and codecs.  It helped me when I needed to convert my flv and mp4 videos to a format that SMC can digest and transfer to the fuze.  The transfer went smoothly and without a hitch.

You can also directly use video4fuze to spare conversions.