what are the ranks here?

Or do the admins want to keep it a secret?


Sansa User

…that’s all anybody’s gotten up to, right?

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Sansa Senior User        101

Sansa User                    21

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Dont want to give to much away. Best way to learn the higher ranks is to earn them. :smiley:

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heh, so it’s like the other Lithium forum I go to when it started out :smiley:

I like the element of surprise there.  I wonder what the highest rank is…Sansa Senior Mega Super Special Awesome User? :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the highest rank would be ipod user… bwahhahahah, i suck… :smileyvery-happy:

if I was trying to be funny, lowest would be “Ipod User” while highest is “Sansa Aficionado”, “Sansa Guru” or “Once you go Sansa, No never go pod!”

i think its ‘sansa god’ or ‘lord of all sansa’

or what about ‘sansa forum flooder’:lol:

Nah, highest rank would be:

*drumroll please*

The Sansa Super Spammer!!!


ok so I am bored. Sue me :smiley:

crazy train