What are ID3 tags

What are ID3 tags? I’v heard about them, but not sure what they are?

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ID3tags are essentially small text files that hold the information (Artist, Album, Title, Track #, Genre, etc.) about a particular music file (.mp3, .wma, etc.) so that this information will be displayed if the playing device has the capibility. These ID3tags are “embedded” into the song file itself. This is how the Sansa players keep track of everything you put on it.

This is different than the way your computer stores and sorts information. That, as you know, is a folder and file hierarchy. A lot people expect this to be the same when they get their first Sansa and are sorely disappointed when it’s not. Just check out the massive thread(s) on the subject in the CLIP board. Supposedly, SanDisk is looking into offering this as an option in a future firmware realease (for the Clip anyway), but says it’s not as easy as it sounds, so don’t hold your breath :wink: .

There are also various versions of ID3tags. No, there couldn’t be just 1 standard. That would be TOO easy! And Sansas happen to be very sensitive & finiky about what type of ID3tag they will read correctly and which ones they won’t. This can and has caused many problems with “Unknown Artists, etc.” and even “freezes” when attempting to play a song, so it would be prudent to find out all you can about these and how to edit them for best performance.

There has been (and continues to be) a “ton” of discussion on the subject. I’d start with the FAQ’s, and then read some of the threads. Not only on this board though; like I said ALL Sansa models use these so there are major discussions and info on probably all boards. I know there is on the FUZE, CLIP, & E200 SERIES boards.

And for even more, here’s the link to the Wikipedia description, although it seems out-dated as it only lists 2 types/versions of tags and there are more now.

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