What are Backlinks?

Want to know what are backlinks? Backlinks are the links from a website page to another website page. If someone links to your website then you get a backlink from them and if you give link on your website to another website then they get a backlink from you. Backlinks help in ranking your website higher and your website becomes more discoverable. For good backlinks, you have to check the relevance of the content from where go are getting the link, authority, and traffic of the website, and whether you are getting do-follow or no-follow.


How to get good quality do-follow backlinks lists.
Like free and instant directories list were mention at vmoption before 4 - 5 years back. Because the list of instant approval directories I have found in 2019 - 2020 are not accepting https url as my website is having forced redirection from http to https://www.enjoyincity.in/

So it’s getting very difficult to find backlinks for my website.