What are Backlinks?

Want to know what are backlinks? Backlinks are the links from a website page to another website page. If someone links to your website then you get a backlink from them and if you give link on your website to another website then they get a backlink from you. Backlinks help in ranking your website higher and your website becomes more discoverable. For good backlinks, you have to check the relevance of the content from where go are getting the link, authority, and traffic of the website, and whether you are getting do-follow or no-follow.


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The backlink is the link that boosts the targeted content by providing authority to the website.

A backlink is a hyperlink pointing to a page on your site.

The topic Backlinks is part of the well-known term OffPage SEO - terms that come from the marketing area.The backlinks are a sort of recommendation - putting a link on my page to another one based on trust and most of all authority of the linked page. It is important to mention that you should pay attention whether or not the linked page is relevant to your content. Other aspects that also play an important role here are the words with which the page is linked and the position of the link in the text. You also have to keep an eye out if the link provides up-to-date information.