What "Allocation Unit SIze" should I format my Compact Flash Card for Nickon Camera?

I have a Nikon D700 Camera…

       There are several options when I FORMAT my Compact Flash Memory Card:

  • Default

  • 4096 bytes

  • 8192 bytes

  • 16 kb

  • 32 kb

  • 64 kb

Which one should I choose to get OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE for my D700 Camera?
are smaller or larger Allocation Units better for SPEED or safety ?

Can someone explain the pros and cons of it to me?

my memory card is Compact Flash SAN DISK EXTREME, 16GB, 60MB/s UDMA

:smiley:   Hi Easybullet3,

Dear member of SanDisk Community, welcome.

Friend, for your CF card 16GB, try with:


- For certainty, you can also see in the guide your D700 Camera, on the official website of the same.


Regards, Alfred.                                                           (Google translated)