what about windows ME

I just got a shaker for my son but my comp. has widows ME.

does the shaker support this ? and if not what can I do ?


Ah, the venerable Windows Migraine Edition.  Just (well, not really) kidding.  98se with the functionality of Win2000…before 2000 came to be.  You’ll have issues with Windows Media Player…I am not sure of the highest version of the WiMP application available for ME.

The ME version provided the first glimpse of Microsoft’s extensive library of device drivers.  These drivers are why WiMP10/11 are recommended for the various Sansa devices…but guess what?

A happy Shaker couldn’t care less!!  It needs bare bones MP3 files to be happy.  I am sorry I didn’t catch your post earlier.  As long as he can generate MP3 files, it’s a simple matter of drag-and-drop to the shaker.

Music services are now starting to provide purchased content as DRM-free files (MP3)…I see that Rhapsody has a rapidly growing catalog now, plus I think iTunes is following suit?  I can’t be sure, as black helicopters hover overhead when I communicate with Apple.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy: