Well done SanDisk. Thank you for the great interface

I want to raise awareness to the fact that Sansas are among a small, small league of DAPs that have a press-once interface. There is only one other DAP…that I’m aware of…that uses the press once interface, Sony Walkmans. I love being able to press any button one time to pause, FF, reverse whether in screen-on or screen-off mode. Most DAPs make you press twice when in screen-off mode, once to bring the player to a screen-on state and second to initiate the desired command.

I don’t believe this type of interface gets much credit so I am doing my part to let SanDisk know their efforts are greatly appreciated. The View is the only Sansa that I know of that uses a partial press-once interface. The FF and reverse are initiated with PO in screen-off mode while the pause is initiated with two button presses in screen-off mode.There may be other Sansas that don’t use the PO interface but the ones I’m aware of that do use it are the Fuze, Clip and E200 series.

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The e200 v2 models have this. You have to press twice (once to wake-up, again to initiate the command) on the v1 units.

Whether one is better than the other . . . it kinda depends on what you get used to. Having started with a v1, I sort of like the press once to wake-up without it advancing to the next song or whatever. Sometimes a song will be playing that I don’t remember or recognize & I like to turn the screen on (and nothing else) to see who the artist and/or album is.

There’s probably an equal number of fans for either mode.