Welcome to Welcome to SanDisk's Sansa Community! - huh?

Hi!  I just registered on this site and the title of my Confirmation Email is:

Welcome to Welcome to SanDisk’s Sansa Community!

What’s up with that?

Message Edited by martonic on 03-08-2009 07:24 AM

It’s an extra extra special Welcome! You should feel honored.

Kinda like “Thank you. Thank you very much!” [said in a low voice, imitating Elvis]


Thank you!  I feel honored!

The “name” of this Forum is “Welcome to SanDisk’s Sansa Community!”.  And presumably, the registration software, out of the package, sends an email with the title "Welcome to " and the name of the forum.  But what a silly result. 

It makes me wonder.  Oh, it makes me wonder.

You’ll be relieved to hear they seem to have changed that now … the “welcome” email now has the subject line “Account Information from Welcome to SanDisk’s Sansa Community!” :slight_smile:

It _is_ a little silly.  In fact I could strongly suggest they just change the title of the forum to  “SanDisk’s Sansa Community”, and drop the "Welcome to ", which isn’t a sensible part of a forum name but could easily be edited into the headers of the forum page templates if they really want it.