Weirdness after reset

My Clip+ froze while listening to an audiobook.  The only function that would work was pressing the power button to turn it off.  After that, it wouldn’t turn back on.  I did the hold-down-the-power-button-for-30-seconds thing, to no avail.  I then did the hold-down-the-power-button-and home-button for-30-seconds thing, which worked, and all was well.

But now, when I connect it to my laptop, it’s recognized as this odd name:  QALDIQI QALAQ

I’m able to add music files with no problem, but Audible won’t recognize it. 

AudibleManager gives me this message: :Your QALDIQI QALQS device model is not compatible with Audible content."

And the Audible for Windows 10 app just doesn’t show anything.  (It used to show the Clip+ on the left side of the app, and I could drag audiobooks to it to add them).

I’ve tried formatting the Clip+, but both my laptop and Audible continue to recognize it as “QALDIQI QALAQ”  instead of as a Sansa Clip device.

Suggestions?  Do I need a fairy godmother to bippity-boppity-boo it back to its original self?

Updating the FW to 01.02.18 was the bippity-boppity-boo I was looking for.  :smiley:

All is now well.

But I do have a question about the FW versions.

Which is the most recent FW for 01.xx – 01.02.18 or 01.01.35?

The 01.02.18 FW version is the latest for the Clip+.

The 01.01.35 & 02.01.35 are FW versions for the original Clip (with round scroll wheel). There are 2 hardware versions of this player; the .01 is for the Version 1 hardware version & the .02 is for the Version 2 hardware player.

Note they are NOT interchangeable; please make sure you are installing the correct FW for your particular player.

Thanks for the clarification.  The version I installed is the correct version, and all is well.