Weird thing happened....

A very weird thing happened today that’s never happened before. I plugged in my SanDisk Clip Zip to charge, but I hadn’t added any files to it. When I unplugged it, the screen said, “Refreshing…” which I thought was odd since I hadn’t added anything. Then, when I turned it on, so many files from my computer had been added to the Music and the Pictures folders! The memory was full. So many old podcasts- stuff that had been deleted weeks or months ago, and photos from my personal files had been downloaded onto the Clip. What happened??

You must have WMP set to auto “sync”. That’s what syncing does; insures the player’s memory is the same as the library on your computer. If things (files) exist on the player, but not the computer WMP erases them. If files exist on the computer that are not on the player, it copies them to it.

Best to change the setting to NOT auto in WMP, or even not use it at all.