weird small audio files starting with ._


when transferring files from iTunes (mac) via drag & drop, my sansa fuze (8gb, latest firmware) displays some weird songs in its song list. all start with ._ <track name>

and all track names are from maybe 5 or 6 of my albums. other albums show up OK.

when playing these files, the sansa freezes for about a second, then jumps to the next track.

when choosing “play all”, since all these tracks are on top of my music list, the sansa COMPLETELY locks up until it has skipped all of these files (about a hundred). this is extremely annoying.

i cannot see these files in the finder, even when choosing to display hidden and system files.

what’s up with this? and how do i avoid these little files? 

EDIT: the files DO show up in windows explorer, but i don’t want to resort to windows to solve this. and it would be better if the files didn’t appear in the first place!

btw, they are all 4 KB big according to windows explorer. 

Message Edited by formatc1702 on 09-04-2008 12:45 PM

Sound like some songs didn’t ‘take’ to the transfer very well. What did you use to convert them so they would play on the FUZE?

I would delete these (you can do it from the player, but I think I’d do it from Windows just to make sure they’re gone) and then convert them again to whatever format you’re using (mp3?) and copy them again. It might have been just a hic-cup. :dizzy_face: