weird numbers. where do they come from?

When I Copy Flac Files From Jriver/Pc To My Clips External 32Gb Uhs1 Micro Sd, The File Gets Prefaced With A Chain Of NumbeRs. Anybody Know How To Stop The Madness?

Delete the problem files from the Clip and forget about using JRiver. Transfer the files manually. 

You don’t need ANY media player to transfer files to the player. Apparently JRiver is behaving like Windows Media Player and messing with the filenames.

After you take the files off the Clip–or Format it (Settings/System Settings/Format) to just wipe it clean–then go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC. That will make the Clip+ look like two basic USB drives: the internal memory and the card. 

The other protocol, MTP, is for Windows Media Player sync and can alter filenames for its own mysterious reasons; JRiver is probably doing something similar. (The idea was that the Clip is organized by ID3 tags–Album, Artist, etc.–so filenames are irrelevant and the numbers make it faster for WMP to index. Or something like that. But obviously for FLAC you need the filenames.)  

If your Clip was set to Auto Detect (the default) it automatically chooses MTP if it detects Windows Media Player 10 or above on your computer. So it was probably connecting in MTP.

Anyway, put the Clip in MSC. Go to My Computer or Computer (whatever your Windows calls it). Find the files on your computer and copy and paste them onto the card.  You’re back in control.

If you are really committed to JRiver, you might try seeing how it behaves with the Clip in MSC mode. Maybe it won’t change the filenames in that mode. But you’ll have to experiment.

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