Weird issue playing mp3s that were converted from m4a on a Mac

I have an intel Mac running OS X 10.6.7 and the latest version of itunes. My music collection is a mix of mp3s I purchased from Amazon, m4as I purchased from iTunes, and m4as ripped from CDs using iTunes.

If I copy the native mp3 files (the ones i got from Amazon) to my Clip+ they play fine.

But if I take my iTunes files and convert them to mp3 files, using either iTunes or RealPlayer Converter, weird things happen when I copy those files to the Clip+. 

For example, I put around 130 mp3 files on my player and many of them were mp3 conversions. 

The player said I had 231 songs.

If I go to Play All, I see songs scrolling by real fast like its processing the file names. The player stops at 95 and starts playing from there.  So it does play the songs, it just can’t seem to see or remember an accurate list/count of them.   

If I delete the converted mp3 files, the problem goes away, but I don’t have very many songs.

So what’s up with that? Is there something incompatible about converted mp3 files?

Has anyone else has a problem like this or know of a SIMPLE, not-to-time-consuming solution? 

thanks in advance for you suggestions.


When a Mac transfers files, it creates ghost files that can choke devices like the Clip.  A way around this:  free file transfer software Kopymac–easy to use and available on the Internet at downloads and other locations.

Thanks Miikerman. I’ll give that a try tomorrow and come back and mark the problem solved.

Ghost files!  Geez, I didn’t even think of that, but it makes perfect sense. If that’s all it is, you have saved me a load of frustration. 


Good luck–I hope it works.  I’m not a Mac guy here, but I’ve read that this is a pretty common issue (Steve’s revenge?) with Macs and non-Mac USB devices such as cameras and audio players, which have an issue ignoring these extra admin. files that Macs create.  There are other solutions to the issue as well, I guess (one involving the terminal emulator, if I recall correctly?)–you can try a search (search box at the upper right) for the earlier posts, if you want to pursue.

I took my SanDisk to work today and looked at it on my Windows 7 work PC. After seeing how much more flexibility Windows gives me (File Explorer, WMP, WMP playlists) I’ve decided to go a different route and manage the player using Windows 7.

But there is a hitch. Windows can’t see the files I installed from my Mac, and it appears the player has allowed OS X to reserve a lot of space for itself, because Windows says I only have about 1-GB free, and I know I didn’t copy anywhere near 3-GB of files over from OS X - more like 800 MB. (I have a 4-GB player.) 

Do you happen to know if the Settings > Format option on the player itself will just erase the data I put on, and Not the system files, system folders, or firmware?  I could manually delete the music files one by one, but that would be tedious. Or I could wait till I get home tonight and delete them using OS X, but that would mean waiting till Monday to setup the player using Windows. 


Yes, the settings->format option of the player would be safe…it will not delete the firmware, so go for it!

And, recommended to set the player’s USB mode (under settings) to MSC, which is the most universal.  That should keep files clear and visible between your PC and Mac–your computer can only see the files that were put on the Clip using the mode that you then are connected to your player under (and you need MSC mode for a Mac)…  (Note, however:  if you have DRM’ed files, you need to use USB MTP mode.)

Thanks guys! Hopefully this will be the last question. I ran format which got all my space back. I switched USB mode to MSC. I created Playlists in WMP and synced them to the player. All that worked.

But, I was thinking when I did “Transferring Playlists” per instructions in the UG, that I would get not just the files in the playlists synced over, but the actual Playlists, as in those Playlist would show up on the player under Music > Playlists. That last thing didn’t happen. All I see is the GoList. Am I misunderstanding what "Transferring Playlists" means? 

Edit : Transferring Playlists works as I expected with USB set to Auto Detect. I don’t mind if my Mac can’t read it. This is all so much easier with Windows and WMP.


Auto Defect (and yes, there’s a reason we like to call it that here) defaults to MTP mode whenever possible. If you’re ‘syncing’ or creating playlists in WMP, that’s why it worked (MTP mode).

So much easier with WMP? :dizzy_face:

That’s a good one! :smileyvery-happy:

"So much easier with WMP?   That’s a good one! "

How so?