Weird corruption

Ok I got my wife a fuse 4gb for xmas.  I just witnessed some strange corruption.

First off I’ve been trying my wits end to get nsync and incubus on it for her.  Ok so after realizing it’s doing organization with tags instead of folders, I get corrected discographies of those artists on my computer.

So I delete the old copies through media player and drag and drop the new albums she wants.  Well now in the middle of an nsync song “drive myself crazy” or something like that, Incubus goes on and says "is that f’d up ", I know kind of amuzing.  The rest of incubus plays on.  So who’s to say other songs are corrupted.  I’m listening to it now and it skips around.

Ok so lets preface.  When I was copying the Incubus songs over, they were not all showing up.  Some were going into Unknown album.  This is wrong because I went into details view in windows explorer and added the Artist, Album and Track columns.  They all looked 100% correct.  So I was copying some of the tracks that didn’t make it over to the media player sync list to try to get the files on there.  Then there were duplicates.  Like the one CD was ok but the other had all 16 tracks, then the first 4 tracks as tracks 17 and up.  So then I thought the problem was media player, so I just used the Sansa Fuse icon in My Computer and deleted the Incubus folder out of the Internal Memory\Music folder.  Then copied the two albums she wanted back on there.  Well now were back to square one.  There’s still other Incubus albums on the player from the first time I copied the information over, but I can’t find them anyware in explorer.

What should I do?  The MP3 files in question are perfectly fine on the PC.  


 Really frustrated… 

Just a followup.  I deleted all Incubus music through windows explorer.  But it’s still showing some Incubus albums on there!  If you play them it goes through to each song, like they aren’t actually there.  It does “Refresh” after disconnecting it from the computer, but it seems to think there are songs on there that there really aren’t.  Is there a way to make it refresh the database, or do I have to copy all 3.7gb of music off it to the desktop, format it, then copy it all back?

I even looked under MSC mode and there was nothing in the Music folder.  I’m staying in MTP mode or whatever it’s called so I don’t forget there’s music in there. 

The easiest thing to fix is your not seeing the files, this usually happens when your USB mode changes. Make sure the fuze is unplugged go to settings> system settings> USB mode> If its on Auto Detect then Try MTP> Reconnect then check explorer> If MTP doesnt work Try MSC mode. 

But it appears you figured that out.

As Some one who despises NSync and that whole genre I get endless amusement in your corruption. That being said just changing your info in explorer may not be enough To change the Tag you can use windows media where you right click and go down to Advanced Tag Editor Use this to edit your info. An alternitive to this is MP3Tag its a free download. 

To solve your problems right now I would go thru explorer and delete everything on the Fuze that is not working right Change the info in Media Player or MP3Tag and drag and drop the files straight from your music folder (On your PC) thru explorer to the Music Folder on the Fuze, and basically start over with these  songs  

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Oh I despise Nsync as well.  It’s the wife’s christmas present so I’ll put the music on she wants.  Luckilly she listens to the music with headphones so I don’t have to!

Anyway, it’s showing a 29 incubus songs on there that actually aren’t on there, in either MTP or MSC mode.  If you try to play these songs it just skips through them at about a song per second.  So 29 seconds later (give or take) it moves on to the legitimate Incubus songs.  It’s like there’s a database or table of contents in the device that says “These songs are on here” but when it goes to reference them, they of course are not.

So with that strange corruption yesterday where an Nsync song ‘cut into’ an Incubus song right in the middle (mind you it still said the Nsync song was playing), it really made us think this thing is not reliable.  So I want to avoid that in the future.  Is there a way to fix it easily?  There’s about 3.8 or so GB on it, so I’m thinking it will take about an hour to move that stuff back to a folder on the desktop, format the Sansa, then move the stuff back to it.

As far as the ID tags go, they look right in Windows Explorer, Windows Media Player 11, Winamp 5.531, and Media Jukebox 12.0.47.  The first batch of Incubus songs had crummy tags.  So I obtained a new Incubus discography which is sorted in real nice folders and all tags are present. 

Another interesting thing is that Winamp says an instruction cannot be read and minimizes to the taskbar changing it’s title to “Microsoft Visual C++” if the Sansa is plugged in.  That’s not a big deal because WMP and Media Jukebox work fine.  Winamp is a little slow anyway.

What’s the best way you guys sync?  Through a program, or do you just drag and drop in windows explorer?  I’d like the tags to come over, as long as I keep them correct. 

Well I use WMP for my music, and Media Monkey for Podcasts (2 different Pcs). Both work fine for me. I have also on occasion used the drag and drop method without issue. As for fixing your problem… I would take the hour or 2 to copy the files to my desktop and then format the Fuze, As well as reinstalling the firmware, then copy the files back. Thats what I would do it may not be the best option.

It’s possible that you might have a messed up music database file as well. 

Connect in MSC mode, and look for the mtable.sys file in the root directory.

Here’s the fun part, simply delete the file, and unplug.  The Fuze will generate a new one from scratch, hopefully without duplicates.

Bob  :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, all is good!