weird! clip turns off when usb attached - cant charge or sync HELP

My 8 gig clip all of a sudden will not sync or charge because when you plug in the usb the unit turns off instead of on.  I’ve tried it on numerous computers, car adapter etc, and it will not turn the unit on (if its off when i plug it in) or keep it on (when the unit is on when I plug it in.  If the unit is on when i plug in it will turn the unit off.  I’ve tried soft reset, and reformatting no luck.  I’ve got a little power in the battery still but not much.  ANY SUGGESTIONS???

Did you have any luck solving this?  I have exactly the same problem with my clip.

Firmware update would require that the device is detected on the computer. Try forced MSC and see if it will give you a different result.

If using other cables or accessory to charge it (as long as its compatible), resetting, and format (using the device itself) doesn’t help, contact SanDisk if it is still under warranty.