Website information incorrect in packaging

Just bought a Sansa View.

First problem encountered:

The cute little flashcard set provided as the only included instructions gives the incorrect website addresses.

They list:

All of which go to the wrong page.

The only website address that was correct, oddly, was for their shop:, which forwarded the request to the correct domain.

I realize complaining that I had to do a search to find the correct webpage is a bit petty, but if I had given this mp3 player to a non-technically savvy friend/family memeber, I KNOW I would have gotten a call complaining “it doesn’t work”. And since they don’t include an instruction manual with the player, being given the correct web address to the company is rather IMPORTANT!!!

Yes, time moves on and the websites have changed. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot anyone can do to update that information in a product that was probably manufactured and packaged 3-4 years ago.