Hi, can I configure my wfd for WebDAV?. If Yes, what is my user name And if The password is The same as my wfd?

Hi Armejia, 

Typically, all you’d need to type in is Server URL (leaving Username and Password empty). 

Use www.sandisk.com/wfd  as the server URL and it should work. 

If it doesn’t work for you - please come back and advise which app you are trying to access the drive from. 

Tks, Works without internet share. Only direct.

This is a very old thread, but to connect via WEBDAV the username is:


The password is whatever you use on the SanDisk Connect.

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I just registered in forum to be able to thank haluska .Your suggestion soloved my WebDav problem. why Sandisk doesn’t say this to everybody? a user should definitely know that th user name is owner .

I have one more question : Does Sandisk Connect Media Stick provide Bonjour service and does it has a bonjour name?

Thanks in advance.

This hasn’t worked for me I’m using iPad Pro 9.7” and trying to use the WebDAV in the Dj player pro app