Wearing Out My HeadSet Covers

I am wearing out the covers on my headset.   I prefer the kind that hangs over the ear

with the plastic piece going behind the head.  I prefer these to ear buds.   Mostly because I’ve never found

ear buds that gave as good sound as the head sets, but also I like to have the kind that

have a ‘gain’ wheel on them so that when I ride I can turn the volume up on them while 

riding.   That wheel thingy is diffiicult to find in either type actually.

Anyway, I’d like some feedback on two things.   First where can I find replacement covers for

my headset.   I’m talking about those soft velvety covers that slip over the ear piece.   They

seem to wear out quickly and I want to buy a few replacements.

I am also looking for sites that sell the kind of headsets that I describe above.   I’m always looking

for better sound quality.

And lastly, I guess I could solve the entire problem if I could find a decent set of ear buds that are

both comfy and sound good.   Any info. on this would be appreciated.



Well, I bought a pair of Phillips SHS390’s that hang over the ear and I like them.

I looked for the largest magnet available and these have 32mm drivers and sound

pretty good especially teamed with my new FiiO E-5.

Now I want to find out if I can get replacement covers for them.   But they were only

$9.88 so I guess if I get a couple of years out of them that should be OK.