We need more topics in here...

This place seems to get no lovin…

So I now pronounce this forum funny, because I posted here…

That is all

How bout you answer the question I posted here? That be something wouldn’t it?

What if I don’t want too?

I tase you where the sun don’t shine.

Hey now!

Fine fine fine I answered your question!!!

Dont Taze me bro!!!

Poey. I’ll go tase Bush instead then.

I know where he lives.  You need an address?

Nah just need to load for a big white building somewhere east of where I live.

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Dear PentHouse,

  I never ever in my wildest dreams thought this could happen to me & I swear every word is true!  Last night…

Opps!  Sorry…Wrong forum.

Now that would bring some “Lovin”


That would be interesting :smiley:

:robotmad: Meet my robot of angry.


oooh so scary!!! :smiley:

Meet my Man of Mad…    :manmad:

:robotmad: My robot kicks your :manmad: butt since he’s made of metal and the man isn’t.

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