Wav file tags

Hi folks,

I am wondering if there is a fix for my problem with wav files.

When putting lossless wav into the Fuze+ (I am using the latest firmware) the tagging for track order within an album seems to be lost/mixed up like a one-time but permanent shuffle.

Under the “Artists” and “Albums” tabs the track order is either reversed or random (shuffle is turned off). However under “Folders” the track order is correct.

Mp3 works without any such randomisation.

Any ideas?



I’ll reply to myself :wink:

I have asked around on other forums and this does seem to be a shortcoming on the device/firmware and not my incorrect usage.

I have to say the player itself is very nice, good sound quality, good screen, sensible layout and, I personally, LOVE the UI !

So for me it just leaves this niggle on the the correct tagging of wav files. I could load albums as single files to gain correct track order but then, of course, I can’t navigate easily between tracks. As the unit has such good SQ it makes sense to be able to take advantage of that by being able to have navigable wav files ( after all the specs boast that it can handle wav so that should include tagging )

I assume this would only take a firmware update to correct.

If any “powers-that-be” read this, please, please, please correct this one glaring omission on an otherwise fabulous player.

Thank you

Most people don’t use full-blown WAV files if they want high quality music reproduction. The WAV support is only on the player because that’s what format it records to (FM & Voice).

For the same WAV sound quality and correct tag support, use FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). As it’s a compressed file, the size is much less than WAV allowing you to store more music in the same space. :wink:

FLAC will save you headaches with the Fuze+, and if tagged properly, this just might be your best solution.  That is, if you wish to run with lossless media.

Bob  :smileyvery-happy:

OK guys, understood and thanks.

Is it possible to get the album art through with Flac?

I’m using EAC to gain all the info which in turn talks to Flac to make the files directly to the Fuze+.

I’m thinking I’m missing a trick here!

Also, yes definitely can’t put up with mp3 files, SQ just not good enough for my usage.


I use EAC to rip my CD’s too, but I save the file on the computer first, rather than directly to my player. This way if I have to modify, edit or otherwise change anything with the file (like a bad rip, for instance) I get that all taken care of before transferring it to my players. To add album art, simply save a JPG image of the cover (you can use Google images to find them) 300 x 300 pixels or smaller. Name it “album art.jpg” or “folder.jpg” and save it in the Album folder alongside of the FLAC files. Now the player will display that image when playing any of the files within that folder.

Hi Tapeworm,

I’ve been trying to get your suggestion for the .jpg album art file within the album folder, alongside the Flac files to work but have not succeeded :neutral_face:

Does it matter which programme is marked as “opens with” on properties for the image? i.e. my PC will use particular programmes to open a jpeg and that tag carries through to the Fuze+, should it be changed to something else?


I forgot to say to not use the quotation marks, but you may have already figured that out. They need to be actual .jpg files to begin with, not .gif or .bmp that you are re-naming as a .jpg.

As far as what program your computer system uses to open and/or view them, this really doesn’t matter.

Hello again,

yes, I knew the quote marks were not to be used ( I don’t think you can anyway ). I’ve used original .jpg DL’d from the net and named as you said but no joy :frowning:

This is what you meant?


Yes, that is what I meant. Did you try “folder.jpg” as well?

Another way to do it would be to embed the image into the ID3 tag of the FLAC files. The de facto standard tag-editing software around here is MP3Tag. It’s free and you can download it here. It will work on FLAC files too.

Open up your folder in the program, highlight all the files (highlight the 1st/top one, press the Shift key, then click on the last/bottom one). Now right-click within these high-lighted files. You should see an option “Extended Tags…”. Here you can add cover (or album) art to each of the files. Press the Save icon. Now you can transfer the files to your player and the album art should display when those files are played.


The only difference in procedure that was causing problems was my bad habit of saving directly to the Fuze+. Once I changed to PC first all worked well.


than you very much for your guidance, my Fuze+ is now doing everything that I wanted it to, well!