water ring vacuum pump in paper mill characteristics

Water ring vacuum pump uses water as medium to complete energy conversion. Water is both working fluid and sealing fluid. In the working process of water ring pump, work produces heat, which will make the working water temperature rise, and part of water and gas will be discharged together.

Therefore, it is necessary to continuously supply water to the pump to cool and supplement the water consumed in the pump, maintain the formation of normal working water ring, and meet the working requirements of the pump. Since it is necessary to make up water continuously, it should also be allowed to bring some water from the pumped gas. In fact, the water ring vacuum pump is also widely used to pump water containing gas.

Therefore, when the water ring vacuum pump works, in addition to the water from the pump water supply pipe, it is possible to enter some water from the suction port. If the vacuum pump adopts the independent water supply pipeline outside the shaft seal, it is possible to flow a small amount of water from the shaft seal. The water ring vacuum pump is generally used in paper mills. Water enters the pump from the water supply pipe, air inlet and shaft seal. Water from different ways into the pump can not be used as make-up water to meet the needs of the pump. Water entering the pump due to abnormal operation will have a negative impact on the performance of the pump.