Watching Quicktime videos on Sansa Fuze 4Gig

How do I do this? I have some short Quicktime videos that I want to see and I dont know how to convert them so I can watch them on my Sansa Fuze (Which I am loving everyday!)


Message Edited by Danielleg on 12-30-2008 10:41 AM

You need Sansa Media Converter   and you download it here

Download Sansa Media Converter   

Thank you! Does it need to be on my Sansa as well?

I will download it to my computer when I get home from work tonight and try it.

“It”?  I presume you mean the media converter?  No, no, it’s just a Windows program that you use to convert the video files to something that can be played on the Fuze.

Hi I meant the Media Converter sorry.  What Video files can be played on the fuze 4gig?

actually The SMC converts a lot of different types of vids and pics so its impressive that way