was looking at buying one of these but looks like compatibility issues?

i was looking at purchasing one of these SSD’s for my mid 2010 mac book pro but reading through the forum it would look like there are some major compatibility issues with these drives and mac if it helps im running lion 10.7.4 with 8gb of ram,


There are always compatibility issues when dealing with anything Apple and non-apple. That’s the way Steve Jobs intended and directed it should be. Gotta keep those sheep in the flock, as it were.

What I find amusing is the majority of posts claiming problems with these SSD’s are from people with Macs. My question is, “If Mac and Apple products are all that and a bag of chips why, oh why is there a veritable stampede to swap out their hard drives with a non-Mac one?” :confounded:

The compatibility issues are with a spicific SATA chipset some MACs use. Check the system information if you ahve the Nvidia MCP79 SATA controller you will ahve issues. If you have a different controller you should be fine.