Spent a VERY fustrating 2 hours today speaking with various tech support people. Each one goes over the problem but never accepts the fact that this thing is broken! It’s under warranty! Why can’t they accept this an honor the warranty?

That’s bad and definitely should not happen. 

They usually do honor the warranty with much less hassle. What’s the exact problem? 

System is completely unstable in music mode and will not communicate with PC…it indicates that is connected but will not sync. PC see’s device and attempts sync but never completes

Tech support may have made all these suggestions but: 

Have you taken out any microSD card? 

Is it stable enough to go to settings/System Settings/USB Mode and change it to MSC? Then try to make the PC  connection.

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling Windows Media Player, in case that is causing the sync problem? 

If a bad file is making it go crazy–and you have copies of all the files elsewhere–you could also just nuke it: Format it back to empty. Settings/System Settings/Format.

You could also try a different USB cord if you have a miniUSB cord from a camera or telephone. Charging and data connections are different and if one breaks or is breaking you could get weird communication problems.  

But really, if you’re having this much trouble they should just honor the warranty. Email support is not so hot, and slow to respond, but maybe it would help to put it in writing and demand a replacement. 

Hi Alleyboy, I think changing this to MSC mode as suggested above will do the trick for you. Let us know on how this works out.