Warning don't get 2X vikuiti CV8 screen protectors for Sansa Fuze (screen)-PREMIUM QUALITY

Warning don’t get the 2X vikuiti CV8 screen protectors for Sandisk Sansa Fuze (screen) - PREMIUM QUALITY (ultra clear, scratch-resistant, high adhesiveness)

I got this item from protectionfilms24.com and all I can say is it is the opposite of what it says to describe it  

ultra clear - air bubbles and the screen looks dirty with it on 

not only that it dosen’t even fit the screen there’s only about 2-3 mm unprotected but it’s - PREMIUM QUALITY and it’s a small screen anyway

the item cost about £5 pound in the first place

I suggest this is stuck up somewhere on the forums to avoided more people getting this F&*^%*^ S^*% item 

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