Waranty Issue Did I get scammed by SanDisk or Amazon.com??


I purchased a new sansa fuze from Amazon.com 6 months ago.  I started having problems with it and contacted customer support.  They tried to help get it working by re-installing firmware etc.  Finally decided I should send it back on, gave me an RMA number and instructions to send it back.

After waiting a few weeks I contacted them and they said that my Sasa fuze was refurbished and was not under warranty.  I sent them my purchase info stating it was new and there must be a mistake.  I just recieved back a reply stating this is refurbished and no waranty.

I asked how can they tell this is re-furbished but have not recieved a reply.  Now I don’t know where to turn.  I am stuck between Amazon saying after 30 days no returns and not there problem and SanDisk saying it’s refurbished not there problem.  I spent a lot of money for this new player and have nothing for it.

How can you tell if an fuze is refurbished?  Also has anyone heard of similar situations.  I am totally bummed and frustrated but not sure who is at fault here.



When you bought it, was it by Amazon itself, or one of their business partners?

If sold by an authorized business partner, did you read any of the reviews by others to get an idea of how reputable they were?

It’s always a good idea to go directly to the “partner’s” direct website, if there is one and poke around. See if they sell new or re-furbed type products.

Was there anything in the description of the product on Amazon that said it was re-furbished (factory or otherwise), re-built, re-conditioned or anything like that?

When you received it, what type of packaging was it in? Retail-looking, sealed box or plastic clam-shell or a simple, un-marked cardboard box?

Was there an “R” emblazoned or stamped in any way on the back of the unit? All re-furbs are supposed to be identified this way.

If it were me, I’d probably call Sandisk with your RMA# and speak to someone personally (a supervisor if necessary) and discuss the scenario with them, rather than playing tag with e-mail, etc. This way you can either get it resolved immediately or get the answers you seek at least.

If they insist (and prove to your satisfaction) that the unit was re-furbed and will not provide any further assistance, I would ask then to send it back to you, and then go after Amazon. It may get a bit more complicated depending on whether they actually sold it to you, or it was on of their afore-mentioned ‘partners’, but the bottom line is if it was advertised as a “new” unit and/or not specified that it was in any way re-furbed (or any variation), then that was false advertising and they should make it right, regardless of the time that has elasped.

Good luck, and please let us know how things progress. :smiley:

Thanks for all of the good advice.  I will call Sandisk customer service to discuss this.

I went back and reviewed the details of my order with Amazon.  It was purchased through one of their partners.  All of the information said new and nothing about refurbished.  There was no marking on the back or anywhere with an R.  It definetly looked brand new and unused when I recieved it.

I will post when I have any new info.